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  1. Labor Day Weekend is always a big deal for Team Seattle, as it's also the weekend for PAX West. With help from the amazing vendors and exhibitors at PAX, the team was able to once again provide a unique and unforgettable experience for a group of veterans and active duty soldiers during the four day weekend. The festivities began Thursday afternoon, with Microsoft graciously opening their doors early for their ID@XBox event, providing special access to our primary Thank You Deployment recipient and a few of his friends. Aaron, a double amputee combat veteran, was able to enjoy the games demoed at the event without worrying about maneuvering through the massive crowd that descend on the Microsoft campus when the public event kicks off. This was the perfect way to start the weekend, as Aaron was able to enjoy some of the games he's been most excited about in a calm, and less crowded environment. The calm only lasts so long though. On Saturday and Sunday, our Thank You Deployment recipients were bombarded with kindness from a number of companies hosting exhibits at PAX. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Wildcard Studios, GAEMS and Bethesda were just a few of the companies that did everything within their power to make the weekend as enjoyable and memorable as possible for the soldiers and veterans we brought to the convention. Speaking on the experience, Regional Director Chance Mcpheron noted "This year was absolutely amazing. We try to avoid jumping long lines and causing traffic jams as much as possible, but it's hard to avoid at times. A lot of the individuals we bring have serious injuries that limit their ability to stand in lines or deal with the overwhelming crowds. Every vendor we approached was more than happy to schedule time for our attendees, and in most cases, they did something a little extra to try and make things special. Some companies just told us to swing by whenever we could and they'd make it happen, Wildcard made special time for our group Sunday afternoon for pics on their awesome dinos, Bethesda made sure everyone got plenty of swag along with VR demos, and Fortnite even put Aaron in a cage to bash a llama pinata. You already love these companies because of their games, then you see them in this craziness of PAX, doing whatever they can to make the day special for a hero like Aaron, and you really begin to appreciate them for the amazing people that make up their teams." It's the generosity of these companies that help us make the Thank You Deployment program so special. Attending these conventions is just a small part of the equation. When veterans get to visit a company whose games they love and the team welcomes them with open arms, it creates an experience most individuals never receive. It can be a pretty special moment when the creator of your favorite game thanks you for your service and sacrifice. Those special moments are what we aim for, and we couldn't do it without the amazing people working the exhibits at PAX and the many other conventions we send our Thank You Deployments. PAX West 2017 was another great weekend filled with awesome games, great people, and another amazing after party with our friends at Virtual Sports Northwest. If you would like to get involved with Team Seattle, or any of the OSD NW Teams, you can find more information at our Facebook group -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/OSDNorthwestGrp/?ref=bookmarks IMG_0296.MOV IMG_0351.MOV
  2. As a follow up to one of Team Seattle's most successful events of 2016, on August 20th the crew hosted an anniversary Pokewalk at the Ruston Waterfront in Tacoma, WA! Providing family friendly activities, refreshments, and prizes, Team Seattle saw another great turnout, with more than 20 participants in the Pokewalk alone. With families coming out from all over the area, including Joint Base Lewis McChord, the Team had small groups all along the Ruston Waterfront enjoying the beautiful weather while teaming up for raids and team battles. Not only was the event a great success, it was just another example of how our Teams can bring communities together, joining military and veteran families with the civilians that support them. If you would like to learn more about teams in your area or get involved, please send us an email at join@operationsupplydrop.org.
  3. When Team Portland heard there was a local disabled vet that needed help working on his home, they were ready to help but they knew they were going to need some reinforcements. Thankfully, they had Team Seattle just up the road and ready to assist! On July 15th and 16th, the two teams joined forces in Sandy, Oregon to help a veteran who had recently been medically retired and was in desperate need of some help finishing the remodel of his home. In the months leading up to his retirement, SFC. Koontz had over 20 different individuals and veteran support organizations offer to help him finish the work on his home, but every time the plans fell through. After serving his country through multiple deployments, becoming one of the most qualified cold weather survival instuctors in the US military, and suffering through injuries and surgeries that left him with extremely limited mobility, he couldn't find anyone to help him finish the work needed to get him, and his family, moving forward into his new life as a retired veteran. Over two days, the two teams came together for over 75 hours of combined volunteer assistance. OSD members showed up with a smile like always, and did whatever work was asked of them to help complete the mission. With mostly exterior work needed, the members spent a large majority of their time in the summer sun. To assist in accomplishing their goal, Rip It Energy Fuel also helped by donating plenty of energy drinks to help keep the team members going in the heat. Speaking on the adventure, Seattle Team Lead Chance Mcpheron said "This was an amazing experience. Not only did we have teams coming together for a united, worthy cause, but everyone put in some serious work. You're there to try and help a guy who can barely walk now because he spent a decade kicking ass for his country. Everyone there wanted to be working, they wanted to be helping. Even the little kids were constantly asking what they could do. Then we would take a break, and everyone was sitting around covered in sweat, drinking Rip It's and cracking jokes or telling stories. Moments like that, when you're still having fun even though you're sweaty, tired, and sore, are some of my fondest memories from the military. These are the kinds of experiences you don't forget." The "Rip It Fueled Remodel" was a huge success, and just another example of how our teams are ready to help in any way they can. If you would like to know more about either of our teams out in the Pacific Northwest, make sure to check out their social media for more information! Twitter: Team Portland - https://twitter.com/OsdPortland Team Seattle - https://twitter.com/OSD_Seattle
  4. The transition process can be long, difficult, and stressful. Keeping in tune with OSD's goal of helping however possible, Heroic Forces provides transition assistance that is focused on aiding each transitioning service member with exactly what they need. By keeping the seminars to less than 4 service members, HF reps are able to focus on each attendees needs and help develop a transition plan that fits their specific goals. On July 24th, Regional Director and Heroic Forces representative Chance Mcpheron met with two airmen from Joint Base Lewis-McChord to host our first Heroic Forces seminar in the greater Seattle area! With one of the airmen nearing medical retirement, Mcpheron was able to asses his situation, provide insight into what he should expect throughout the rest of his transition, and is also working hand in hand with the airmen to ensure he does everything possible to assist in a successful transition to the civilian world after more than 10 years of service. Speaking of the program, Mcpheron noted "Heroic Forces is more than just meeting up and giving some advice. Everything about our program is focused on a personal and unique experience. From the moment you make contact, our goal is to make your life easier and less stressful. We meet at a convenient time and location for the service member, then spend about an hour discussing where they're at, what their goals are after the military, and how to reach them as efficiently as possible. We don't just sit down with you and throw a ton of information at you either. Once you've attended a seminar, we stay in contact with you throughout your transition. Whether it be resume building, VA claims, or just some help settling in to a new city, we will do whatever we can to make your life easier." Now that Heroic Forces is up and running in the Seattle area, we are issuing a blanket invitation to all service members nearing the end of their military careers. Regardless of rank, branch, or time in service, if you served your country, we want to help you transition back into the civilian world when the time comes. If you're stationed anywhere in the greater Seattle area, feel free to reach out to Mcpheron any time to setup a seminar. Contact: Chance Mcpheron mcpheron.c@operationsupplydrop.org (253)820-0879
  5. For the third time this year, Team Seattle and Virtual Sports Northwest hosted the Warrior Transition Battalion's Adaptive Sports Program for an evening of Virtual Reality based therapy. A program that has quickly caught traction, the Seattle RESPAWN effort brings injured soldiers from the Ft. Lewis Warrior Transition Battalion to Virtual Sports in Tukwila, WA for a fun evening of gaming, that also provides physical activities that many of the soldiers would not be able to enjoy through real life experience. Including soldiers that have physical limitations, head injuries, and vision impairments, Team Seattle members and Virtual Sports employees have provided a breath of different games that allow any soldier attending the ability to have some fun while also getting a quality workout in the process. Speaking on the program, Team Leader Chance Mcpheron noted "We anticipated this was going to be a success going in. Before we ever planned the first event with Virtual Sports we researched the history of Virtual Reality in therapy and found countless success stories. The guys over at Virtual Sports know VR in and out, we did our part by educating ourselves on the therapy potential, and with the help of the Adaptive Sports therapists, we've been able to develop a program that has tremendous potential in supporting the soldiers that have sacrificed their well being for our country. As long as the WTB and their therapists feel we are providing a positive experience for soldiers, we will continue to grow and expand our efforts." The Seattle team isn't content with just bringing a small group of soldiers up to Virtual Sports either. "Virtual Sports has been overwhelmingly supportive in all of our efforts. They provide a great venue for soldiers to get away from base and enjoy themselves in a very unique way, but we are currently working to bring the program to the unit as well. Even with the generosity from Virtual Sports, we can only realistically support a dozen or so soldiers every month. We want to maximize our potential and begin bringing VR systems to the WTB on a much more regular basis. Not only would it eliminate travel for the unit, it would give us an opportunity to work hand in hand with every Adaptive Sports therapist and create a program detailed towards every soldier we support." The Seattle team is going strong and ambitious as ever. If you would like to be involved with the team's efforts, make sure to check out their Facebook group and Twitter for more information.
  6. Team Seattle is full of members that love to get out and enjoy the beauty that the Pacific Northwest provides. To celebrate the coming of warm weather and blue skies, the team decended on Clark's Creek Park in Puyallup, WA for a day of kickball, football, doggos, and hot dogs. Team members brought their families, their pets, and their competitive spirit for a day of fun at the beautiful park. Kickball was a great opportunity for parents, and their children, to get in on the action and leave their mark on the field. After lunch though, the kids played on the playground while the adults faced off in a fast paced game of football. The score was high, the competition was tough, and the winning team was the last one to score before everyone was exhausted. The perfect formula for a fun game of pickup football. Overall, the Team Seattle Summer Kickoff was a great success. Nearly 10 new members attended from the local Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and everyone attending had a great time. The team hopes to host more park events in the near future, so if you're in the Seattle area keep an eye out on the calendar, along with their team Facebook Group and Twitter for upcoming events!!
  7. After the overwhelming success of their first Respawn VR event, OSD Seattle wanted to provide another event as quickly as possible for the soldiers of the Warrior Transition Battalion's Adaptive Sports Program. Thankfully, the wonderful people at Virtual Sports Northwest and Grab Games were happy to help. With Grab Games providing copies of their popular VR title Knockout League and Virtual Sports NW reserving all 12 of their VR booths for 16 soldiers from the WTB, Team Seattle was able to host their second Respawn VR event on May 8th. Longbow provides a great introduction to VR, but the Adaptive Sports Therapists wanted to begin fielding other sports that would specifically benefit soldiers rehabbing at the WTB. Boxing was at the top of that list, and Grab Games was generous enough to donate copies of their popular boxing game Knockout League for the event. Providing a fun, user-friendly, and challenging experience, Knockout League was the perfect step forward. Even soldiers with limited mobility were able to participate and hold their own against Tri Tip, a popular opponent from the game. Knockout League also served as a perfect example of how effective VR can be in regards to physical therapy. Even the Team Seattle members who tried a round or two walked out of the booth with their heart rates elevated. Speaking of the event, Team Leader Chance Mcpheron noted "We learned with the first event that a lot of unique injuries and disabilities can still participate in activities through VR. Now we're just trying to take that deeper, and find out how far we can stretch our perceived limitations. In two events we've had soldiers come in with serious injuries, extremely limited mobility, and very unique limitations including vision issues and vertigo. No matter the injury or disability, we've been able to adjust the experience to suit each soldier's needs and still provide them with a fun experience that benefits them in a physical therapy sense as well." The Team doesn't just serve as the host for these events. Team Seattle has multiple members well versed in VR, and they take time with each soldier to discuss their injuries/disabilities and how it effects their VR experience. The Team then takes input from the Adaptive Sports Therapists and aims to provide games that will be most beneficial in their rehab efforts. With a third event already in the works, Respawn VR is quickly becoming one of Team Seattle's hallmark events. "We do a lot of different activities out here in the NW. It's always a rewarding experience, especially when we work with the WTB, but this is something truly unique. Seeing soldiers with canes smiling as they walk back to the booths so they can fit in one more round is something special. We're able to bring these soldiers out of the hospital, out of the therapist's office, and give them a round or two of physical therapy that they enjoy and look forward to doing again. It's an honor and privilege to help make these happen." -Seattle Team Leader Devin Givens
  8. If the Ft. Lewis Warrior Transition Battalion is having an event, you're going to find some OSD Seattle Team Members on site. Add good food and warm weather, and you better believe they will be out in force! For the second year in a row, OSD Seattle supported the WTB Spring Cookoff, providing snacks, games, prizes, and a few taste testers as well. With multiple soldiers working in teams to create the best beef, pork, and chicken dishes, the spring cookoff is a great opportunity for Team Seattle members to support the unit, while also enjoying a stress free environment, along with some great food. With the teams coming together and creating dishes popular across the globe, the competition was tough, but there were smiles all around. Along with helping provide snacks for attendees, team members also hosted a booth with games available to win raffle tickets for a litany of prizes. Always ensuring that every attendee has a chance at leaving with something cool, the team made sure that the cookoff teams weren't the only winners that day. Members were also given the opportunity to meet with other veteran and military support organizations, creating new relationships that should result in some great new opportunities to support the soldiers of WTB, along with the local veterans from the team. Overall, it was another great event with the Warrior Transition Battalion. The team had a great time, met the new command staff, and there are already plans to support two more unit events over the summer.
  9. On the evening of March 6th, an elite team of 4 OSD Seattle members descended on Lakewood, WA with one mission; eliminate boredom and sustain an enjoyable environment for the individuals waiting to secure their copy of Ghost Recon Wildlands. Armed with snacks, raffle tickets, and giftcards while being supported by Sony's PSVR, the team completed their mission with flying colors. Team Seattle usually focuses on community outreach efforts, but every few months they make sure to make a stop at their favorite GameStop and help celebrate the release of popular new titles. With Ghost Recon being a military shooter focused around team co-op, there was no way they were missing this one. The team provided 4 volunteers over a 3 hour period who handed out snacks, held raffles, talked about the OSD mission, and socialized with customers while they waited for their copy of the game. Sony also supported the event by sending out a demo of their PSVR, so the 75+ attendees had plenty to do while they waited anxiously for the new Ubisoft title. Overall, the event was another success for the busy Seattle Team. Along with supporting the event and creating some smiles, the team also brought in 6 new members to the ever growing team. Speaking of the event, Team Leader Chance Mcpheron said "These game release events are a great change of pace for our members. The folks that came out tonight support most of our volunteer events as well, so this is a great opportunity to be involved in a stress free environment while just hanging out and having fun. We may not be changing anyone's lives tonight, but we get to introduce OSD to new people and we always pick up a few new members. Tonight alone, we met two veterans and a handful of active military members that we hope to see out at one of our upcoming volunteer events." The Seattle Team is currently organizing four events for the next two months, so it looks like those new members will have plenty of opportunities to get involved soon!
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