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  1. OSD Central Texas had a last minute gift from our friends at RCI, and invited Veterans from the Surrounding area to join us for the game. We got to hang out with our pals in a suite for a WNBA game and watch our SA Stars squeak one out over the Washington Mystics. Good food, drinks and a W for the hometown squad!! Thanks again RCI and the SA Stars for an awesome evening!
  2. The Game Source grand opening and Takken tournament event had somewhere between 50-75 people show up throughout the day. Game Source is a new Video Game Store on the Southwest side of Las Vegas. The owner is very supportive of Operation Supply Drop and Veterans and Active Duty personnel. Once the tournament started, there were about 15-25 people there. There were 10 people who signed up to play. Everyone played at random, in the beginning Game Source was only going to have 1 round and give away a game of choice and a subscription card. But Team Las Vegas donated an extra two giveaways so there could be a total of 3 rounds and make the tournament last a bit longer! Everyone had fun with the tournament and bonds were made within the Las Vegas Gaming community. In addition to the Tournament Team Las Vegas gave out door prizes during the day. Many customers were excited to receive free Video Games, Stickers and other surprises from the Team. The Game Source owner was very happy with the turn out and all the support he received from Team Las Vegas and has invited them back for future events. Team Las Vegas has had numerous participants email for information and to become a part of Operation Supply Drop.
  3. Operation Suppy Drop and Heroes Gone wild solidified their relationship by throwing a Fundraiser for two Fallen San Antonio Heroes. The event was in support of the families of fallen SAFD member Scott Deem and SAPD Officer Migual Moreno. There was a huge turn out to of Veterans and civilians that wanted to support San Antonio's First Responders. The San Antonio Chief of Police Chief McManus and the San Antonio District Attorney Nicholas Nico LaHood were present to show their support for the fallen Heroes. Officer Moreno's family were present and expressed their appreciation for the support of their Son. The SAPD officers, Veterans and Civilians present all came together and had a great time. The event featured a shrimp boil and this was a huge success. Many people commented on how good the food was. The boil was a success due to the 400 lbs of shrimp Donated by Groomers Seafood in San Antonio and the crew Of Hooligans for cooking. This is just another example of Operation Supply Drops Commitment to support our Local Communities.
  4. Tm Vincenza conducts retreat to Lake Molveno

    OSD Vicenza went on a little retreat to Lake Molveno, Italy! A total of 5 members went on a 2.5 hour drive up north into the Dolomite Mountains to find a quite town and lake with a magnificent view. The water was sky-blue and cold to knock off the summer heat. Surrounding the lake were tall, massive mountains that the clouds engulfed like it was nothing. The team found a nice shaded spot under a tree and pulled out some wine and snacks to get a feel of the area. Soon we went into the lake and watched locals and visitors do the same as the sun was right above us. After a hour of swimming, the team went back to the site and let the sun dry us off and get a little sun while sharing funny knock knock jokes and stories from work. After spending 4 hours at the lake, the team went to the city of Andalo, just 10 minutes north of the lake to eat some dinner. From eating classic Italian pizza to roasted chicken, the team enjoyed the evening view of the mountains while drinking German beer (since we were so close to the border). When the team wrapped up with full stomachs, they headed back to Vicenza to play the Destiny 2 Beta!
  5. Tm Vicenza hosts soliders to a D&D marathon

    Team Vicenza set up a grueling 12 hour Dungens & Dragons game. This is a weekly event intended to bring soldiers together for Espirt de Corps and just pure all out fun. The game had its ups and downs and plenty of laughs and close calls while battling a Dragon and gathering loot. The game night was such a hit that the group agreed to continue their adventure every Saturday from 1200 thru 2300 and hopes to expand the number of players. Many players expressed their happiness to find a place to have fun and hangout with fellow soldiers.
  6. Scott Morrison, Program Director of The Teams. Operation Supply Drop heard about a Warrior Support Center opening in the Valley of South Texas. Scott said " I knew I had to visit the WSC and see what support they needed, the Valley area of Texas is rural and many Veterans feel isolated there. A WSC is just the thing needed to bring Veterans together and let them bond with each other and educate them on the services available for Veterans in the state of Texas" This is what Scott found and heard: A local couple had created a group to help veterans who've been exposed to burn pits overseas is working on a new project. They call it a "Warrior Support Center". The city of Robstown has loaned Leroy and Rosie Torres an old building at 201 North 4th Street, which they have begun renovating. Opening a Warrior Support Center has been a lifetime dream for the Torres but having one in Western Nueces County is a necessity. Leroy Torres said, "In talking and traveling to Banquete, Alice and Agua Dulce, there are veterans who are forgotten and just hearing responses. They are grateful that there is something that is going to be here close than rather driving to Corpus Christi." The new center will offer job training, counseling and other resources for veterans. It's going to have a computer room, a classroom, a recreational center and just different services. The center's Executive Director Rosie Torres says they can't deliver that without the support from the community. The center will also offer a "Career Closet" stocked with professional attire for veterans who have job interviews. Word is spreading fast among veterans. Torres said, "Just yesterday, we had two (veterans) stop by. They stopped by and they were really excited to see something. Of course, this is a small town and they see movement and what's going on and there's cleaning. So, they were excited for the veteran community." I am glad to report that through our sponsors and Donors we were able to furnish the recreation room with video game systems for the Veterans and their families to enjoy. Scott reports, " Another good news story on multiple organizations coming together with the common mission of supporting Veterans"
  7. Team Philadelphia Feeds Veterans on 4th of July

    Team Philadelphia feed 80 Veterans at the Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House. The house gives homeless veterans a chance to start over and become productive members of society. Utilizing military tools, we seek to restore self-confidence in their pursuit of the civilian goals of employment and securing permanent housing. Our program, however, is so much more. Emphasizing the camaraderie that is ever-present among the veteran population, we have established the home base and family support structure that so many of the veterans we serve, yearn for. Our mission is to be the foundation on which our veterans can begin to rebuild and maintain a support for their futures ahead. They host our past veterans throughout the year for everything from a meal or just social gathering to our hosted events. We are proud of what we do here and we encourage you to join us in helping those who have served America to rewrite their futures. Team led Addam Carothers summed up the event this way," It was a great day to get out and give back, Operation Supply Drop, Team Philadelphia was happy to feed these Veterans on independence day and spend time listening to their stories. It is truly awesome to give back to those fellow Veterans that gave so much to our freedom"
  8. Team Baltimore Conducts Gexcon Supply Drop

    Members of Team Baltimore attended Gexcon 2017. Prior to Gexcon they conducted a Supply Drop at Naval Support Facility Dahlgren Liberty Center. The Liberty Center supports over a thousand Sailors and Family members each year. The Liberty Center is a terrific place for single military members to relax and enjoy lots of fun activities. The Center is equipped with a big screen TV, video gaming systems, pool tables, game tables, computers with Internet service, Wi-Fi, fax machine, a kitchenette and movies. The Liberty Center offers activities such as cookouts, video game tournaments and trips to sporting events and area attractions. Liberty is an exciting program that enhances the quality of life and well being of service members stationed at NSF Dahlgren, Liberty promotes team building, camaraderie and offers structured activities, tournaments and tours in alcohol-free environment. Mrs Stacey Scarabello , Marketing & Commercial Sponsorship, Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren Thanked OSD by saying " I would like to again say thank you to Operation Supply Drop and The Teams that make events like ours possible. The Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren Liberty Center is thrilled with its new gaming systems, video games, board games and other supplies that were donated. Although it was a short event, Operation Supply Drop has provided active duty members at NSF Dahlgren with long-term fun! It was truly a pleasure working with you throughout this process. "
  9. BY THE NUMBERS: What did it take to make today's community service project happen? A Saturday, one lot, twelve volunteers from three groups, a few shovels, a lot of motivation, a lot of water, and a lot more Mission BBQ. Before OSD, Team Rubicon, and Habitat for Humanity volunteers showed up today this was just a vacant lot where a house once stood. Thanks to these hard workers and a little vision, this space will one day be a park for members of the local community to enjoy.
  10. Team Phoenix takes Veterans to Dbacks Game

    This game holds a special place in my heart and reminded me why we do what we do. Even if it's a small impact, it can make a huge impact on someone else. Mike, Al & David are three veterans from La Loma Health and Rehab center in Phoenix and they were selected to attend the Diamondbacks vs the Brewers game! All three of these men have served in the military in their young years and it was obvious the love they had for baseball. Unfortunately, all three of these men have been diagnosed with dementia and while all of their cases vary with severity, they all suffer from the brain disease. The game was wonderful, we had great seats, the Diamondbacks won, and the veterans enjoyed themselves. Ione, one of the volunteers from La Loma Health and Rehab asked Al who he was going for and he responded with "I'm not sure, I haven't give the Brewers a fair chance yet!" I thought it was hilarious because he was wear a Diamondbacks hat! But what really tugged on my heart strings was the voicemail I received from Ione just two short days after the game. She called to tell me that one of the guys that attended the game could not stop talking about it. He told his daughter who went to visit him at the home all about the game and how much fun he had. But what really got me was that this specific man has one of the more serious cases of dementia and never leaves the home unless it is for a doctors appointment. Based off of what I have been told by Ione is that "it's absolutely incredible to see him still talking about the baseball game, he has become more sociable, and he even remembers the grand slam!" *cue the water works* Since the baseball game, David left the nursing home for the first time in six years, with no doctors appointment scheduled, to just enjoy some time with his daughter. There isn't much more you could ask for as a volunteer when you hear feedback like this. I am fortunate enough to attend several baseball games, but this one with be forever embedded in my heart. The impact that this baseball game, that most of us take advantage of, made a huge impact on this man and THAT is why we do what we do.
  11. Cincinnati

  12. Team Phoenix takes Veterans to Dbacks Game

    What a nice afternoon at the ballpark with some great people! It was such an honor to be able to represent Operation Supply Drop and take 4 of our amazing veterans to enjoy some baseball. I'm so blessed to be apart of something that does so much good. Go DBacks!
  13. Tm London supports 4wheelers4vets

    Operation Supply Drop supported 4wheelers4vets , a Veterans' Trail Run annual event, organized for the first time October 2016, matching Canadian Veterans with 4-Wheel Drive enthusiasts, for an exhilarating weekend on the trails. 3 Team members of Team London donated a Beatles photo from Adam at Art East. two massages from Nicole MacMullin at Active Wellness Massage Therapy Clinic and over 800 bottles of water, Gaming Headset, Keyboard, Movie Passes, and a Camping First Aid Kit. The donation was greatly appreciated and insured all Veterans stayed hydrated during the event. The coordinators for the event were extremely pleased and thanked Operation Supply Drop for their support to the event and to the Canadian veterans. The lead coordinator told Team London " Thanks to you we were able to look out for the safety of our participants and enhance the prizing for our event"
  14. On 12 May, Operation Supply Drop Team Austin and Team San Antonio joined with American Legion Riders 245, American Legion Post 83, Kindred Hospice, and Grace Church in distributing clothing, shoes, blankets and other items to the homeless at Haven for Hope. All organization conducted drives for the items and together distributed them to more than 250 Homeless Veterans and Civilians. This is the Second time these organizations have conducted this event and it was by far the best effort. Operation Supply Drop firmly believes this was due to the collaboration from all Organizations involved. American Legion Post 83 conducted a blanket drive that yielded over 40 Blankets. The Legion described the partnership with Operation Supply Drop like this,” American Legion Post 83 was excited to have been partnered with Operation Supply Drop, we could have not found a better organization to help out with during their events. This blanket drive was a statement to all the things that both the American Legion and Operation Supply Drop believe in and that is no veteran should be left behind.” American Legion Riders 245 have been doing awesome events for a long time. Operation Supply Drop Team Austin, San Antonio and Seguin have partnered with them for numerous events to include, Feeding the Homeless Christmas dinner with presents, Feeding Veterans for Easter, Events at SS Memorial, and Haven For Hope support. David Ortiz from Team San Antonio summed it up like this “This was an amazing opportunity to participate in a joint effort with my fellow Veteran brothers and sisters by supporting my local community. It gave me another perspective of selfless service for my community by putting our 'boots on ground' in the efforts to directly impact the lives of those who are in need. This gave me another avenue for me to continue to serve but with firsthand interaction with my local populace."
  15. OSD send Veterans to Austin 360 Amphitheater

    On 9 May 2017 Operation Supply Drop Teamed up with Austin 360 Amphitheater to send 3 Veterans and a Spouse to the enjoy the music of King of Leon. The Veteran music lovers enjoyed the best seats in the house, up-close VIP parking, a dedicated VIP entrance, and access to the amphitheater’s super chic Crown Royal VIP Lounge during the concert. Letter from the Group follow: "First of all, I would like to thank Operation Supply Drop and The Austin Amphitheater for giving me this opportunity to hand pick three veterans to attend the Kings of Leon concert. We had an amazing time, it also gave our veterans a chance to engage in a community event. The concert was absolutely amazing, between the dancing and singing and the great view of the crowd and stage we were just having a great time. I am so grateful that I got to spend time with our veterans and enjoy their sense of humor, which at times seemed a tad bit on the “fan girl” side, especially when their favorite songs were played. Again, I can't thank you enough, you have created a bond between three veterans and a spouse that will forever be engraved in our hearts. Thank you all for your hard work!" Gracie Renfro " The Spouse"
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