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  1. Tm Baltimore at AwesomeCon

    Tm Baltimore came out in full force for DC's annual AwesomeCon, 6 members of our team manned a complimentary booth given to us by T3 Expo. We met with some great people and made some amazing contacts. We also filled out newsletter sign up with 100+ new e-mails to added to the OSD family. Tm Baltimore also got to meet some great celebrities including Phil Lamar, Jason David Frank, and John Barrowman! We even met up with some familiar faces including the GexCon crew and OSD'sTeam Fayetteville, NC. We also had the pleasure of meeting some veterans who were the recipients of Supply Drops during their time in the service. Overall the convention was a huge success and I'm looking forward to many of the attendees joining the OSD family.
  2. The Baltimore Team, together with Mission BBQ, gathered at the Baltimore Station the night of April 30th to serve food and socialize with the residents of the veteran rehabilitation program. 7 members of Team Baltimore showed up to serve food and hang out with veterans from every war dating back to Vietnam. Both the residents and the volunteers enjoyed good food, good conversation, and some laughs over a great veteran-based card game. Afterwards, the resident manager collected Operation Supply Drop information and told our team he'd pass it onto the Baltimore Station's contacts. Overall, we were able to feed approximately 25 veterans. We gained great awareness for our team, and several residents requested cards from the Team Leader so that they could volunteer in the future, once they've completed the program.
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