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    Tm Baltimore at AwesomeCon

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    Joey Richardson

    Tm Baltimore came out in full force for DC's annual AwesomeCon, 6 members of our team manned a complimentary booth given to us by T3 Expo. 19511915_10158901329095483_833666358_n.thumb.jpg.1b98af0d79faa807a83bcddcc473ce0e.jpg19511747_10158901329280483_1523104723_n.thumb.jpg.402ef6eab0f387dd635199901b1165ff.jpg

    We met with some great people and made some amazing contacts. We also filled out newsletter sign up with 100+ new e-mails to added to the OSD family. Tm Baltimore also got to meet some great celebrities including Phil Lamar, Jason David Frank, and John Barrowman!19225690_10158869248635483_1436640348862085664_n.jpg.facea9de3c7a727776b9ab011e78ba0d.jpg19225934_10158869248910483_1211085896051352725_n.jpg.57854bc6c239c8ac0d0cac9b56abd29d.jpg19399511_10158869248520483_5911653021023375147_n.jpg.1170752d859faa84b66210a0856d66b0.jpg

    We even met up with some familiar faces including the GexCon crew and  OSD'sTeam Fayetteville, NC.19260667_10158869248505483_2098367775849368659_n.jpg.48ca18570ec251ccc50e39dda81b75c9.jpg

    We also had the pleasure of meeting some veterans who were the recipients of Supply Drops during their time in the service. Overall the convention was a huge success and I'm looking forward to many of the attendees joining the OSD family.

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