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    Team Seattle continues RESPAWN VR therapy!

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    For the third time this year, Team Seattle and Virtual Sports Northwest hosted the Warrior Transition Battalion's Adaptive Sports Program for an evening of Virtual Reality based therapy. A program that has quickly caught traction, the Seattle RESPAWN effort brings injured soldiers from the Ft. Lewis Warrior Transition Battalion to Virtual Sports in Tukwila, WA for a fun evening of gaming, that also provides physical activities that many of the soldiers would not be able to enjoy through real life experience. Including soldiers that have physical limitations, head injuries, and vision impairments, Team Seattle members and Virtual Sports employees have provided a breath of different games that allow any soldier attending the ability to have some fun while also getting a quality workout in the process.  

    Speaking on the program, Team Leader Chance Mcpheron noted "We anticipated this was going to be a success going in. Before we ever planned the first event with Virtual Sports we researched the history of Virtual Reality in therapy and found countless success stories. The guys over at Virtual Sports know VR in and out, we did our part by educating ourselves on the therapy potential, and with the help of the Adaptive Sports therapists, we've been able to develop a program that has tremendous potential in supporting the soldiers that have sacrificed their well being for our country. As long as the WTB and their therapists feel we are providing a positive experience for soldiers, we will continue to grow and expand our efforts." 

    The Seattle team isn't content with just bringing a small group of soldiers up to Virtual Sports either. "Virtual Sports has been overwhelmingly supportive in all of our efforts. They provide a great venue for soldiers to get away from base and enjoy themselves in a very unique way, but we are currently working to bring the program to the unit as well. Even with the generosity from Virtual Sports, we can only realistically support a dozen or so soldiers every month. We want to maximize our potential and begin bringing VR systems to the WTB on a much more regular basis. Not only would it eliminate travel for the unit, it would give us an opportunity to work hand in hand with every Adaptive Sports therapist and create a program detailed towards every soldier we support." 

    The Seattle team is going strong and ambitious as ever. If you would like to be involved with the team's efforts, make sure to check out their Facebook group and Twitter for more information. 

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